The basic keywords you need to know -

  • Profiles - Unique records of people who will be checking in. Profiles can represent guests, students, members, customers, etc.

  • Lists - Stores a list of profiles (people) similar to the paper and pencil sign-in sheet. A list is typically created for an event, sign-in sheet, attendance, etc.

  • Check-in - A check-in record/entry for a profile. Check-ins take place on a list.

5 Steps

  1. Sign up for an account or log in here.

  2. Create or import profiles.

  3. Create a single or recurring list.

  4. Start checking in people on an iOS device, dashboard, or share a check-in link (walkthrough videos below).

  5. Export attendance reports.

2-minute dashboard walkthrough

4-minute iOS app walkthrough

2-minute Kiosk mode walkthrough

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