Scenario 1: I have an excel file

Wonderful! Let's go through the formatting first.

⬇️ Please check out this template file we've created.

Required columns:

  • Name or First Name and Last Name


These help our system maintain unique profile records.

  • Email - person's email address

  • Phone - person's phone number

Note: Please make sure the email and phone numbers are unique. i.e If two profiles have the same email or phone, the duplicate row may not be imported.

Other reserved columns:

  • Favorite - mark a person as a favorite.

  • Address - person's address.

Custom Columns:

Add as many columns as you like, these will turn into custom fields inside the dashboard and iOS app.

E.g. columns - Account Number, Date of Birth, Membership Status.

How to import?

Create a list. In the second step, you will see the following modal.

Go to the profiles tab, you will see the Upload Profiles button.

Go inside of a list, on the list browser screen you will see the Upload Excel button under the Add Profiles menu.

Scenario 2: I don't have an excel file

Text instructions

On the dashboard - On the Profiles tab, hit the Create Profile button.

On iOS - Hit the (+) icon on the list browser page.

You will see the following screen

More Resources

More excel templates -

  1. Basic Template - names only.

  2. Intermediate Template - names & email addresses.

  3. Advanced Template - names, email addresses, & custom fields.

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