On the dashboard,

  1. First, login to your online dashboard, use the same email and password as your iOS app.

  2. Select the specific list you would like to export.

  3. Once you see the list's participants, select the "List Actions" dropdown and then "Download Excel" (as seen in the image below).

  4. You will see a file download prompt from your browser after a couple of seconds. The excel file will contain check-in and check-out data for all your participants on the list.

On the iOS app,

Steps -

  1. On the iOS app, tap the grid menu.

  2. Tap the "List Details" menu item.

  3. Tap the "Download Excel"

  4. You will be taken to a webpage where safari will present an option to download the file.

  5. Once downloaded, make sure to install the Excel app and open the file using the Files application on the device.

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