On the Dashboard

Make sure you are on the "Lists" tab inside the dashboard

Hit the "+ Create List" button from your dashboard.

Inputs on this page:

  1. List Name - choose a good name for you to identify later.

  2. Description - notes about this list. (I.e. this helps communicate to team members why the given list exists).

  3. Date/Time - this field is only important for events or classes that need a specific time and it is used to help organize the list into either "Past" or "Upcoming" filter on the iOS app and order the lists by date.

  4. Recurring Schedule - if your list repeats (e.g. you are running attendance for a class, gym, etc). Our system will create a duplicate copy of the list on the days you marked as recurring with the List Name: "NAME (February 23, 2020)". Read more on recurring lists here

Create List Screen #1:

On the second screen, you will be able to:

  1. Choose the type of list (tap, signature, photo, or survey).

  2. Allow check-out, and

  3. Upload an Excel file of profiles to attach to the list.

Create List Screen #2:

1] Check-In Types:

Tap - simple tap to check-in from behind the desk mode, or Kiosk mode.

Signature - collect signatures of people on check-in.
Photo - take a picture to save when people check-in.
Survey - capture data from custom made questions during the check-in process.

2] Allowing Check-Out:
This will enable check-outs. If this switch is togged off, people will only be able to check-in on the list.

3] Upload an Excel File
Download a template from the list below, format your excel file according to the template. When you upload files with custom fields we take your column headings and creates these as custom fields for each profile that is on the list.

⬇️ Basic Template - names only.
⬇️ Intermediate Template - names & email addresses.
⬇️ Advanced Template - names, email addresses, & custom fields.

On the iPhone or iPad

Step #1

First, tap the blue button in the bottom right corner, then select the "Create a List" above the button.


Step #2

Next, you will be taken to the first "Create List" screen. Fill out the information and press "Next".


Step #3

Set the check-in method, check-out allowed, and recurring schedule. Reference the details above from the dashboard for more details on each field.

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