Looking for a template?

  1. Basic Template - has names only.

  2. Intermediate Template - has names & email addresses.

  3. Advanced Template - has names, email addresses, & custom fields.

**Very important notes

  • We highly suggest you edit one of our templates with your information.

  • If the CSV format does not work, try XLSX format.

  • Make sure that all of the data is on the first sheet of the file. Our app does not import outside the first sheet.

Looking to make your own?

Format your Excel file with the following column headers:

Required columns:

  • Name or First Name and Last Name

⚠️ If these are not included, then your file will not upload!


These help our system maintain unique profile records.

  • Email - person's email address

  • Phone - person's phone number

Note: Please make sure the email and phone numbers are unique. i.e If two profiles have the same email or phone, the duplicate row may not be imported.

Other reserved columns:

  • Favorite - mark a person as a favorite.

  • Address - person's address.

  • Check-in date - the date & time of when this person has checked-in (useful for importing older check-ins). The dates must be formatted like this - "12/17/2020 10:00 PM -06:00". Change the -06:00 part with your time zone offset from this website dateandtime.com

Custom Columns:

Add as many columns as you like, these will turn into custom fields inside the dashboard and iOS app.

E.g. columns - Account Number, Date of Birth, Membership Status.

I need more help

Check out this help article - http://help.onetapcheckin.com/en/articles/3330657-step-1-create-or-import-profiles-from-excel

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