Custom fields are used to store information related to a profile.

Examples: Membership Status, Payment Details, Student ID, Seating Information, Etc.

ℹ️ Custom fields are global, meaning that they apply to all the profiles on your organization's account.

How to set up custom fields:

  1. Head to the Profiles tab and select “Actions” and “Edit Custom Fields”.

  2. Then, click “Add A Field”.

  3. On the Add Field section, you will find Name, Type, (Options), and Default Value.

  4. Default values are assigned to each profile automatically if the profile's custom field is blank.

Different Types

  • Types help you quickly format your values on iOS and Dashboard. E.g. The "Date" type will bring up a date picker on iOS and Dashboard.

  • Date / Date and Time - set a custom date and time value for a profile. E.g. Birthday, Payment Date, Last Seen, etc. (More on saving birthdays and age)

  • Lists - build a custom set of selectable options. E.g. a custom field named "Status" can be set to VIP, Regular, Guest, Etc.

Screenshots (Dashboard)

[Steps on the dashboard]

[Add custom field modal]

[Custom field types]

[Custom fields on profile detail page]

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