Having an issue with your recurring list where the new child list is not showing the correct time and date?

Issue I'm facing:

I setup my recurring lists (e.g. for 10pm Mon - Sun) but the new lists that are created are not being copied over correctly. Specifically, the date or time for the new lists are not matching the parent list.

How do I fix this?

On our product update article What's new? Dashboard Ver 3 [2/17/2022], we mentioned an update to our system that supports most major time zones.

What you need to do from your end -

  1. Make sure your time zone is correct on your account settings page. This is super important if you want to see the correct date and time on your lists.

  2. Make sure we support your time zone, see the screenshot below for time zone and the UTC offsets.

    1. Go to timeanddate.com map or their time zone converter and check your time zone based on city and the time zone offset (this is the hours +/- the UTC time).

      1. If either your time zone or the offset is present below then you are automatically supported.

      2. E.g. Vancouver, Seattle, and San Francisco are supported because America/Los Angeles (UTC -8) is supported.

    2. If your time zone or UTC offset (hours +/- UTC ) are not in the screenshot above, then please shoot a chat message and we will include your time zone to our system.

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