Hello OneTap users,

Karsh here from the OneTap team, starting from today (2/17/22) we are documenting important product updates to keep everyone in the loop.

Now, about this update -

Version 3

Who is it important for?

  • People who are using recurring lists with a paid account on OneTap.

  • People who are located outside the US Eastern and US Central time zone.

What's in it

  • Fixes for recurring list schedule for more time zones.

We have released a big update to program that managed the recurring lists. Our team kept hearing a lot of issues around the time zone inconsistencies for their recurring lists.

E.g. If a user in Los Angeles time zone and has a recurring list set to repeat M-F at 8PM, they might see the newest upcoming list with date for an earlier day and different time as the parent.

We officially support the following time zones (don't worry if your time zone is not in it, as long as the UTC offset is matches).

Why is it important?

Recurring lists are a big part of the reason why people upgrade to paid, the admin/manual labor time saved is a big reason to upgrade to OneTap. So it's' important we keep lists organized on your account, no matter where you use it in the world.

How to use it

For most users, you don't need to do anything manually on your end for recurring lists to work. This update is for all users, and it works out of the box.

However, most users is not 100% so here are a few steps to follow -

  1. Make sure your time zone is correct on your account settings page. This is super important if you want to see the correct date and time on your lists.

  2. Make sure we support your time zone. Go to timeanddate.com map or their time zone converter and check your time zone based on city and the time zone offset (this is the hours +/- the UTC time).

    1. If your time zone or UTC offset (hours +/- UTC ) are not in the screenshot above, then please shoot a chat message and we will include your time zone to our system.

Extra information

Feel free to skip this section since we dive a little bit deeper on the update.

"What was causing the issue?"

Our servers that create/copy the lists are set in UTC time zone (same as London time). We're not based in London, or the UK but that's just how computers work.

When our system was replicating the lists it did not take your personal time zone into account. So we ended up having issues with incorrect dates, e.g. 8pm in LA is 4am in UTC time.

"How did you guys fix it?"

We setup our system to copy in each of the big time zones (listed in the screenshot above). Then we also started to deal with local time and date based on what you have on your account settings page. As an example, our system runs the scheduler in the Australia/Brisbane time zone then we apply your date & time when we copy your lists.

Time Zone Map

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