Profiles are a great way to store visitor/attendee data on your OneTap database that can be accessed at any time by an admin.
Downloading reports, adding notes, or just updating existing information on profiles is easy with these profiles.

In this article, we'll see how we can update any information stored on a profile, add new data to it, and create custom columns for profiles that stores additional data.

Editing profiles on the dashboard

  1. Visit dashboard and log-in using your credentials.

  2. Click on "Profiles" tab to access profile database

3. Click on the profile you wish to edit and start making changes

- You can easily edit all the primary fields, custom fields and notes.

Note - OneTap automatically saves any added/changed data to a profile.
A circular loading icon will be shown when the data is being saved

4. If you wish to add custom data to a profile, you can easily create a custom column.

  • Let's create a birthday column to add David's birthday to his profile


    • Click on "Actions" button and choose "edit custom fields"

    • Click on "Add a field"

    • Choose field type, depending on the type of data you wish to add. Since we wish to add birthday column, we'll choose date field type.

    • Choose if this should be a required field for all profiles

    • Click "Add" and then "Save"

You can learn more about custom fields in this article

Note - An entirely new column will be created for every user

Editing profiles on the iOS App

  1. Open OneTap application on any iPhone, iPad, or M1 devices. If you do not have the application installed, you can download official OneTap app from here

  2. Log-in to the app using your credentials

  3. Click on "Profiles" tab on the bottom right to access profile database

  4. Choose any profile you wish to edit/add information to

  5. Click on "Edit" option on the top right to enable edit

  6. Simply click on any field to update it

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