This article shows you, the admin, how to share a list's SMS check-in code so people can check-in via SMS.

Creating a check-in code

  1. Click on a list, you will be redirected to the list browser page (or learn how to create a list).

  2. Hit the "List Options" → "Share SMS Code" (see screenshot below).

  3. The Share SMS check-in code modal will pop-up. Share our 1-800 toll-free number and the unique code with people on the list.

  4. Recipients can start the check-in process by texting "here" or "check-in" to our 1-800 toll-free number.

How it works

  1. Once people text the unique code to our toll-free number we look for a matching profile based on the phone number field/property.

  2. If the profile is found on the list we will proceed with the check-in.


  1. Open registration is enabled - If the profile is found but is NOT on the list they will be added & checked-in on the list.

  2. Open registration is disabled - If the profile is found but is NOT on the list we will discard the check-in attempt.

  3. 💡 Sharing a recurring list? Share the SMS check-in code for parent (original list) that was created, this step will eliminate daily work of sending out a new check-in code for each individual (child) list. People checking in using the paren check-in code are automatically added to the most recently created child list from the parent.

Sharing options

  1. We recommend printing the following instructions on a Google Doc or MS Word.

  2. Instructions:

  3. Please text "here" to 1 (844) 563-5195

  4. Check-in code: YOUR CHECK_IN CODE HERE


Sharing from lists page

Share SMS check-in code modal

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