Looking to capture more data from your visitors?

Ask them - "Have you visited us before?", "How many guests are you bringing?", "What brings you to this event?", and more with surveys!!


  • Gather data from visitors

  • Prepare in advance based on survey responses (e.g. food preferences, etc)

  • Understand your audience

  • Verify visitor identity/attestation with signatures

  • Health & safety benefits - COVID screening, allergies, etc.

*You can set up surveys from the iOS app or on the web dashboard.

*Currently, the survey questions can only be added prior to check-in/registration.

Set up surveys on the app

1. You can set up a survey for your members when you first create a list.

2. In list settings, select "Survey" as your check-in method.

3. Add survey questions in the Survey Builder.

The questions can be open-ended or multiple-choice.

You can edit the survey any time after creating the list. Simply go to the list, click the grid button, then "List Details" and then scroll down to select the "Check-in Method" This will let you add/remove/modify survey questions.

Set up surveys on the web

  1. Go inside the list details page (*see footnotes below).

  2. Inside the list, details page select the "Survey" check-in method.

  3. Below the selection, a "Survey Builder" button will appear.

  4. Add a new question by clicking the "Add new" button on this page.

  5. Delete questions by clicking on the red trash button next to a question.

  6. Save the survey questions on the page by clicking the green "Save" button.

[Short video walkthrough]

*List detail page can be accessed on the dashboard when you hit the options menu on a list or list options → list details.

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