You can set up surveys from the iOS apps or on the web dashboard.

Set up surveys on the app

1. You can set up a survey for your members when you first create a list.

2. In list settings, select "Survey" as your check-in method.

3. Add survey questions in the Survey Builder.

The questions can be open-ended or multiple-choice.

You can edit the survey any time after creating the list. Simply go to the list, click the information "i" button, then "Survey Builder". This will let you add/remove/modify survey questions.

Set up surveys on the web

  1. Go inside the list details page (*see footnotes below).

  2. Inside the list, details page select the "Survey" check-in method.

  3. Below the selection, a "Survey Builder" button will appear.

  4. Add a new question by clicking the "Add new" button on this page.

  5. Delete questions by clicking on the red trash button next to a question.

  6. Save the survey questions on the page by clicking the green "Save" button.

[Short video walkthrough]

*List detail page can be accessed on the dashboard when you hit the options menu on a list or list options → list details.

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