With OneTap Passes, you can send QR code pass to all or some of your members so they can sign-in faster. You can also send the QR pass to your members along with a self check-in link to make the entire check-in process faster.

How to structure passes:

  • Group passes are for a group of people (profiles). For example, if you have different tiers of membership like "Premium" and "Gold", you can create two different passes and upload two seperate lists of members from Excel onto them. Group passes are also great for classes such as "Yoga", "Cardio", etc.

  • Global or individual passes are for a single profile, they can be created in an ad-hoc manner and managed individually.

Create a Group Pass

  1. First, go to the "Passes" tab on the dashboard and click "Create Pass".

  2. Then you will see a popup with Name, Expiry, Valid Profiles, and Valid Lists.

  3. The Name and Valid Profiles are all that is required to make the Pass work, however, you can create the Pass with only a Name and then add Profiles later.

  4. Add Profiles by clicking "Add Profiles" and checking the profiles you would like.

  5. Note: Each individual profile with have their own QR code, so you must attach one or multiple profiles via selection or an excel upload.

  6. Add Lists by clicking "Add Lists" and selecting the lists this pass is valid for.

  7. Note: If you do not select any lists then this pass automatically becomes valid for all lists.

  8. That's it, click save!

  9. After this, you can click on the pass and hit "View Passes" from the right slide-in menu (this is also called the group pass detail page).

  10. This will bring up all the unique passes inside this group.

  11. To send the pass via SMS - Exit the modal to send out group pass via SMS. Hit the "Send Passes" menu option from the group pass detail page. The following modal will show all the profiles that are unreachable (due to missing phone numbers in the system).

  12. To export the passes as PDF - Hit the "Export (PDF)" button from the pass details drawer, then your browser will prompt you to save the QR codes in PDF format.

Video instructions:

Create an Individual Pass

Video instructions

  1. First, go to the "Profiles" tab and select a profile.

  2. The profile detail will display on the right side. Scroll down to the "Passes" section below Custom Fields.

  3. Here you can click "Create" which will trigger a popup to create a Pass.

Create Pass Popup

Once you name the Pass and set an Expiry date (this is optional), click "Create" and a QR code ticket will be generated for the Profile to use across all lists. You will be able to see the QR code ticket in the Pass section now. Click "View All" to see the details of each pass that has been issued for the given Profile. See the image below.

When you click "View All" you will see the popup in the image below.

Here, you can...

  1. Revoke a Pass: This will show on check-in that the Pass has been revoked, but will not delete it entirely. This way you can reactivate the Pass when you would like to.

  2. Delete a Pass: This will remove the pass completely and cannot be undone. 

  3. View Details: Here, you will find a weblink that you can send to your members so they can view and save their QR code pass either as an image or in their Apple Wallet. This is also where you can view activities which are logs of check-ins the pass/profile has performed.

  4. Send a Pass: Text message the pass straight to the member. You can send them a QR code image, or a web link which will let them download the pass to their Apple Wallet. You can also send a personalized message with the Pass you send your member. Here's how you can do that.

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