Send QR Pass via SMS

You can send a pass to each member individually or to everyone at once.

Go to Passes > click on the event (e.g., Gym Class).

You should see all the members that are part of the event:

To see passes for each member, simply click on their name. You can then revoke, delete, or send the passes individually.

To send a pass to all members at once, click "Send pass". You can then choose how to send the QR passes to your members. You can also add a personalized message to send your members.

Your members will receive a text message with the QR pass, which they can save to Apple Wallet.

After setting up individual passes for your members, you can send it to them with a self check-in link.

Go to Lists and share the link with your members.

When they click the link to check themselves in, they will see their QR pass:

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