Here you will learn how to trigger SMS text messages (emails coming soon) under certain conditions. For example, if you are wanting to keep track of when a user reaches a certain checkpoint, you can do so by setting an alert to monitor the changes to their custom fields. Or, you can make sure that you can meet everyone with a Premium Pass at the door for an excellent experience.

How It Works

  1. First, go to the "Alerts" tab on the website dashboard. 

  2. Next, click "Create Your First Alert".

  3. This will trigger a popup for you to create an alert. As seen in the image below.

The Different Parts of an Alert

  • Name: The name of the specific automation that you have set up. We recommend making names very descriptive, so that you and your team can always know exactly what the given automation is doing.

  • Trigger: There are two options to choose from for triggers - on 1) Check-in and 2) Custom Field Update. Check-in will send your message when someone checks in, and Custom Field Update will send your message when any custom field that you specify is changed.

  • Condition: This is not a required field and is best when used with the Custom Field Update trigger. The condition lets you choose from your global custom fields and select which field you want the automation to listen for. 

  • Message: This is your customized message which will send to the phone number (or email in the future) that you specify. When creating your message type the open bracket character " [ " to select a custom field to include in the message. For example, "[Name] just checked in and their favorite drink is [Favorite Drink]." will show a message like, "Brittany just checked in, and her favorite drink is cranberry juice".

  • Alert Destination: This is where your message will be sent. For now, you can only choose SMS (text message) sent to the cell phone number you enter. Later you will also be able to send alerts through email. 

Example Alerts:

  • E.g. 1) I want to know when a Premium member checks in so I can meet them at the door. I need to set Trigger to "Check-in", Condition to "Member Status" equals "Premium", and set the Message to "[Name] has just checked in. They are a Premium member." Then I will select "SMS", enter my cell phone number, and click "Create Automation".

  • E.g. 2) I want to know when someone goes through a certain checkpoint, so I can know where they like to spend their time. I will name this one "Checkpoint B Text Message", set Trigger to "Custom Field Update", Condition to "Checkpoint" equals "Checkpoint B". This will let me know each time someone checks in at Checkpoint B.

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