Creating Profiles on the Dashboard

You can upload Excel files of all the Profiles you need to check-in, or you can add them one-by-one. Uploading Excel files will take all of the custom headings that you have and upload them to our system. 

Uploading Excel Files

In your Excel file, if you have the headings "First Name", "Last Name", "Email", "Account Number", etc. then all of the information will be uploaded accordingly, and "Account Number" will show up as a custom field for each Profile with an account number.

Note: Make sure that the Excel file is formatted according to the relevant template before you upload it. We recommend storing the important information in the first sheet of the Excel file and avoid uploading files with multiple sheets. You can find the templates here.

There are three places you can upload Excel files on the dashboard. 

1 - When you create a list from the dashboard (on the second step):

2 - Inside of the Profiles tab:

3 - Inside of a list that has already been created:

Creating Profiles on iOS

Prerequisite: Create a list to add profiles to. See this article for more information: How do I create a List?

Once you have created a list, you can easily add profiles to it. 

Step #1

Tap the icon in the top right corner of the person with a plus sign: 

Step #2

Tap Create New in the top right corner:

Step #3

Tap the inputs to fill out the information, then when you're finished tap Create in the top right corner:

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