Open the OneTap dashboard

  1. Once you have created a list, select the list and once you are inside the list, find the "Add Participants" dropdown button.

  2. Click this button and then select a file, or drag-and-drop your file into the popup

Be sure that when you upload your excel file that you have selected Append or Replace correctly.

  1. Appending will add on new participants, and will not replace any that are currently on the list.

  2. Replacing will remove all participants from the list and replace them with your new excel file.

(Note: Make sure that the Excel file is formatted according to the relevant template before you upload it. We recommend storing the important information in the first sheet of the Excel file and avoid uploading files with multiple sheets.)

How do I bring in older check-in data from other systems?

It's simple, just export the visitor check-in data into excel.

Pro-tip - you can add a column on your excel file titled "check-in date". Our system will automatically read this and check-in profiles on the date indicated on this column's rows.

We recommend you format your dates like this -

12/17/2020 10:00 PM -06:00

Note - the suffix on the time (-06:00) is the hours your time zone is behind UTC time. Find your time zone's offset on

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