Accessible on the production dashboard now!!

Registration links eliminate the manual data import from Excel or the technical process of connecting 3rd party registration forms.

Finally, we get an all-in-one workflow for

  • Class enrollment & check ins (schools/universities)

  • Event registrations & check ins (event organizers)

  • Visitor registration & sign ins (workplaces, buildings)

  • Meeting registrations & attendance

  • Member registrations & attendance (VIP membership programs, gyms, fitness studios)

  • Staff management & attendance (volunteers, staff)

How does it work?

  1. You, the admin, share a unique link or QR code with the visitors.

    1. Customize the registration form - add more fields, your logo, and survey questions.

    2. Connect the registration form to a list (auto-adds new profiles to your list).

  2. Visitors open the link or scan the QR code and fill out the form.

  3. That's it! - You will see new profiles and registrations (profiles on a list) on the dashboard.


Collecting more data and show off your brand 😎

  1. Create a list that will be used to store registration info.

  2. On the dashboard, click on three dots next to the list to open the list menu.

  3. Click on the share registration link to customize it.

With access to the registration link, it's easy to customize the link and alter any settings.

4. Click on "Customize" to customize the registration link

  • Upload a "cover image" and show off your brand

  • Feed the "registration information message" so that people can see it while registering

  • Customize the registration fields (information that the attendees will be filling out)

    • Select the fields you wish to add as a required one

  • Add customized survey questions

Add a confirmation message that people will see after the registration


  • Enabled

    • Toggle between open and closed registrations.

  • Connect to a list

    • Select the list where all the registration info will be stored.

  • Send confirmation email

    • A confirmation email will be sent to the people after registration.

  • Show QR Pass

    • QR code pass will be shown after registration on the confirmation page.

That's it, now you can spend your time on fun things 😇

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