How many times a visitor has checked-in can be easily seen by downloading the report, but sometimes we don't want to download reports to check for quick information. Wouldn't it be better to access this information with minimal taps on a beautiful UI instead of boring excel sheet?

OneTap iOS application is designed to provide this useful information with very few taps.

How to do it on iOS application

You're taking attendance for your course and need to know how many times David has checked-in like shown below.

Simply click on David's profile by tapping on it once and you should be able to see a message below his name that states how many times David has checked-in.If you click on that message, you should be able to see an option for "Check-in Activity"This Check-in Activity shows how many times David checked-in at what date.

check-in activity on OneTap iOS application

How to do it on Browser Dashboard

Simply go to David's profile and scroll down to check David's activity.

check-in activity on OneTap browser dashboard
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