This feature is currently in private beta

Here's a short video on how it works -

Who's this for?

This is integration is for people using Calendly for event scheduling, appointment booking, or class registrations who need to check-in people after the registration process.

What some examples of this?

If you are a basketball club, you might be asking students to register for sessions online, when kids arrive you are checking them in for attendance.

If you are a gym, people are booking training appointments online, you need to keep track of who's attended and who has not.

If you are getting visitors, you need people to pre-register (for health & safety) and check-in upon arrival.

What data is synced from Calendly?

  1. Event name - A new list is created or an existing list is used based on the Calendly event name.

  2. Schedule date & time - when the user booked/reserved the event.

  3. Any questions you add to your registration form on Calendly, and the answers users provide. These are saved as custom fields on OneTap.

How do I use this?

This feature is in private beta, contact us at

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