Hello Everyone,

We have some exciting new features on this update.

We want to thank all the users who have given us feedback, these big features have been designed because of your input.

This update covers 4 big things!

  1. Global custom fields.

  2. QR Passes.

  3. Attendance summary.

  4. Text Message Automation.

First up: Global Custom Fields

What we heard from you:

  • Prior to this update, we extracted custom fields from excel or you created them one by for each profile. Many users mentioned their custom fields were inconsistent.

  • The biggest problem - there was no way to add or delete a custom field to all profiles at once.

  • Every custom field stored text values. In essence, we did not have a good way to store dates, phone numbers, yes/no values, or a list of options (most important one of all).

  • People wanted to make certain custom fields required, mandatory for all profiles.

What we added:

  • Global custom fields; Add and delete custom fields to all your profiles at once.

  • Ability to make custom fields required for new profiles.

  • We added types to custom fields - the clean way to save numbers, phone numbers, dates, yes/no values, and have custom options (dropdown).

  • Ability to change the order of the custom fields, set a default value when empty.

  • Re-use the same custom fields on the Kiosk.

Next up: QR Passes

What we heard:

  • People want to send out a QR code (ticket) to their members, customers, guests, students, etc.

  • People want to have control over a pass. Examples - set expiry date, limit check-in to specific lists (Events), revoke passes, re-issue a new pass.

  • People want to manage a group of people instead of sending out passes individually to each person. Examples - send out passes to a group of members, customers, etc.

  • The recipients should be able to pull up their pass quickly upon arrival.

What we added:

  • Ability to create and send a QR pass. Set an expiry date, allowed lists (Events), revoke, re-issue a new pass.

  • Make a group pass, add people to the group, send all the group members their pass with one click.

  • Passes can be sent via SMS and email is coming out soon. Members can receive the pass as a website link, an image or download to Apple Wallet.

  • Scan passes on behind the desk mode to pull up member information. (Kiosk mode support is coming out soon).

Next up: Enhanced Attendance

What we heard:

  • I want to view a person’s attendance at a glance.

  • I want to dig into a person’s attendance history, find out when they have shown up and for which location, class, program, seminar, event, etc.

  • I want to query attendance within specific dates.

What we added:

  • View total attendance at a glace on the profile detail panel.

  • Dig into attendance history, filter the results by date.

Finally: Automations!

What we heard:

  • Users want to get notified when people check-in.

  • Uses want to be able to customize the text message instead of the templated message OneTap currently sends out.

  • Users want to receive notifications when a key action happens. E.g. when someone crosses checkpoint B, etc.

What we added:

  • Ability to set up rules (when an SMS will be sent out) on check-in or when a custom field changes for a person.

  • Ability to customize the notification text, you may also include profile information in the text message body (e.g. name, birthday, account rep, etc.).

  • Email notifications are coming out soon.

Thanks for being an amazing OneTap customer, we love the journey of becoming the best check-in app. Love what we are building? Say hello to hello@onetapcheckin.com

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