The kiosk mode has three basic modes of operation:

  1. Lists

  2. Sign-in Sheet

  3. Profiles.

This what the following modes do -

  • Lists - allows people on a given list to check-in by typing in their names from an auto-populated dropdown menu or register into a list by typing in their name, email, phone number, or other custom field boxes.

  • Profiles - allows everyone on your profiles database to check-in by typing in a name and auto-selecting the name from a dropdown menu.

  • Sign-in Sheet - shows a list of all the people on a selected list, people can search for their name or scroll through the list to find their name and check-in.

We can check people in using the Kiosk in two primary ways: Using names or with QR code.

  • Names are default, each of the kiosk modes listed above present an interface with either a name text input field or display all the profiles so the user can search by name.

  • QR code scanner can be togged on by tapping on the QR code scanner button on the bottom right of the iPad. This feature will use the iPad camera as a QR ticket scanner displayed inside a pop-up modal.

[Screenshot: iPad scanner toggle]

[Screenshot: Kiosk setup, different modes]

[Screenshot: names auto-populate on Kiosk]

[Screenshot: QR code scanner on kiosk]

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