What are collaborators able to do?

Collaborators are able to do everything you can do on your own account. This includes check-ins, creating lists, uploading excel, editing profiles, editing organization information and everything your account is able to do.

Will any data be lost if I invite a collaborator?

All of the invitees' data will be reset and merged into the inviters' account. The account that sends the invite will not lose any data, but the one that accepts the invite will lose everything they have created.

How do I sync data between devices?

If there are multiple people working on an event, is there an ability for the app to sync those who are checked in and those who are not?

Yes! Once you have added a collaborator, all the devices sync in real-time and you just need to pull on the list to refresh on the iPad or iPhone.

First Add a Collaborator

By following the directions found below, or in this article: How do I add a collaborator?

Once you have added your teammates to your account, everyone can log in, perform check-ins, upload profiles, view analytics, and organize lists all with the same organizations' account.

Save Data in Real Time

All the check-in data is saved real-time to our servers (unless you are in offline mode).

NOTE: Offline mode does not sync data in real time with other devices on your account. There is no way for our servers to receive and sync data when a device is offline.

How do I add a collaborator?

Collaborators can help you do everything with One Tap - checking in and checking out, creating lists, uploading guests, and exporting analytics!

Necessary steps to add a teammate to your account:

Step 1:

Have your teammate create a One Tap account. 


Step 2:

After they have created an account, invite them using the email your teammate signed up with. 

You will find the page inside of the dropdown in the top right corner:

Collaborators page to invite other users:

Step 3:

Once you have sent the invite, your teammate will receive a notification to accept the invite in their notification panel. Have them accept the invite.


Once they have accepted the invite, your teammate will be ready to collaborate on all things One Tap.

What happens after I accept the collaborator invite?

After you accept your invite, the accepting account will lose all of the lists and profiles. This account will be merged into the inviters account, then you will have access to all of the data on their account. 

Important: this is the only structure that is currently supported on One Tap and there will be no easy way to retrieve data after accepting the invite.

Now you can create, edit, delete, check-in, check-out and everything else you can do on One Tap, for the account that you were invited into.  

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