Hi everyone, this dashboard update brings the following features to the dashboard.


1. Search for Profiles by name, email or phone number inside the Profiles tab.

Below the profile name you will see:

  • The email address, if the profile has an email address.

  • The phone number listed as "Phone - #####", if the profile has a phone number but not an email address.


1. View account and list analytics inside the Analytics tab.

We moved the analytics out of the home tab to the new Analytics tab.

The analytics data and what they mean:

  • Total Participants - the total number of participants (people) inside of all of your lists.

  • Total check-ins - the total number of participants checked-in inside of all of your lists.

  • Average check-ins - the total number of participants divided by the number of lists.

  • Percentage of the participants checked-in.

  • All-Time toggle:Choose the time span for the data.E.g. the last 2 weeks toggle will only display the data from 2 weeks ago up until now.

  • All Lists toggle:Choose a specific recurring list to view the aggregate list data.E.g. if you have a recurring list 'Personal Training', choose the list from the drop-down to view data only for the personal training list.

Note: please note that analytics data does not update in real-time, there is a 5-minute buffer between the live data and the page data.

2. Download reports by clicking on the Download Excel button.

Below the analytics numbers and above the placeholder chart image you will see the Download Excel button.

Once clicked, you will see the following modal.

* Click the download button to download the analytics for all your profiles under your account.

Click the 'Full Report' tab to download the check-in level data.

This report will display all the check-ins and associated data such as time, date, participant name, profile information, survey data, etc.

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