iOS Update

This version brings a bunch of awesome new updates that you have been waiting for:

Video Demo:


  • Ability to add profiles to a list. We have made it super simple to add existing profiles on your account to any given list.

  • What is different than before?

  • Profiles are similar to contacts in your address book, once you create a profile you can easily insert them into any list. This is similar to how you add contacts to a specific group like Friends, Family, Etc.

  • The real power behind profiles - When you add profiles to a list you can view all sort of aggregate stats such as total check-ins, check-outs, activities for each profile.

  • When you add a profile to a list, we will copy over the profile's data such as name, email, custom fields and create a new participant.

  • Search for profiles by name, email or phone using the universal search bar on the ‘Add Profile’ screen

  • Create a new profile on the ‘Create Profile screen, add up to 5 custom fields on this screen.

  • Check-in profiles from either the add or create a profile screen.

Kiosk Mode:

  • We added a ‘Getting Started’ screen when you launch the kiosk. There are instructions on this screen on setting a list specific or a profile specific mode.

  • What is the difference between the modes?

  • Lists Mode - lets you check-in participants into a specific list. This is great for events, seminars, meetings, training sessions, etc.

  • Profiles Mode - lets the participants decide which list they can check-in on. The flow is simple - Add profiles to a list, when a participant goes to check-in he or she will be shown eligible lists they can check-in for.

  • Note - A participant can only check-in for lists that fall within the same day. (e.g. John can check-in for “Thursday's marketing seminar with list date 20th Feb only on 20th Feb)

  • You can hide the Check-in Button and the Name field for a QR only kiosk experience.

  • Hide the Check-in Button (called CTA) or the Name input by going into Kiosk Settings > Customize Input Boxes > CTA [Hidden] | Name [Hidden]

  • Note - we do not recommend this unless you want to ONLY check-in people via the QR Codes.

  • You will get a warning on the iPad Kiosk if you decide to make the Check-in button or the Name input box invisible.

  • Ability to reset settings to default. It is easy to get lost - we have a lot of settings and customizations such as hiding primary and required input boxes (such as name, check-in button, register button and more). Reset your settings by going to Kiosk Settings > RESET ALL SETTINGS (section) > Reset

  • Note - this action is irreversible

  • Disable Name Suggestions (i.e. Turn off Autocomplete).Who is this for?Some users want to use the iPad kiosk for new registrations and restrict the ability for participants to see existing names on the list.You can turn off 'Autocomplete names' by going into Settings (kiosk) > Autocomplete names > [ON/OFF]


  1. Ability to add multiple Profiles to a given list.

  2. Edit multiple profiles at once:Go into Profiles > Bulk Actions > EditYou can select multiple profiles and you will see a delete button appear.

  3. Delete all Participants from a list.Go into a specific list.Click on List Actions > Delete All Participants.You will be asked to confirm the total number of participants on a list in order to delete everyone.

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