This is the very first announcement article on One Tap Check-in Help Page.

Today we are excited to announce version 1.62 of the One Tap Check-in dashboard.

This version brings the following features.

  1. Ability to import profiles via Excel (Go to Profiles > Bulk Actions > Upload Profiles)

  2. Ability to Delete all Profiles (Go to Profiles > Bulk Actions > Upload Profiles)    Note: you can only delete up to 1,000 profiles for security and safety reasons.

  3. Ability to Add all profiles to a list: We are headed in the direction of deprecating Guests and moving all in on Profiles. What's the difference? Guests are just a digital record of what's going on inside a list, just like when people sign-in and record names.

More on this below: 

Guests are hard to track across lists since they are list dependent. Profiles are more like a contact inside your address book. When profiles are added to a list our system creates a duplicate entry of this profile called "Participant" and inserts the Participant into the list. With Profiles, we can do much more powerful analytics such as tracking analytics (e.g. check-ins) across lists, when they were added, checked-out and much more.

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