This update is only for the website dashboard.


  1. You can sort lists by Name, Date, and Total Participants. To sort by the column just click on the column name. You can also drag the edges of the column to re-arrange the column width for the lists.

  2. Recurring lists are now nested - this means you will only see the parent list not the children on the lists browser (main dashboard) page.This is designed to keep the lists organized. Once you click on a recurring list you will see all the children lists (e.g. "Daily Check-ins (Feb 23, 2019)")You will always see the original parent list at the top, editing the parent list with new participants, changing the date/time, or any other properties will cascade to new upcoming lists.E.g. When I change the time on my list "Daily Check-ins" to 5 PM ET, the child list created for tomorrow will have the time set to 5 PM for tomorrow.E.g. If I add a new Participant to the list he/she will be copied over to all the new upcoming lists (children) that are cloned.

  3. Participant browser table can be sorted by Name, Checked-in, Check-in Time, Check-out Time. To sort by the column just click on the column name, you will see a dash below the column to indicate the sort is applied. Sort may take a while, so please wait after clicking on the column.

  4. You can also drag the column by the edge to set the width dynamically, this is great for columns that span wide (e.g. name, check-in time)

  5. Note - The Check-out Time and Time Elapsed column will only show up if the list has 'Check-out Enabled'. Toggle Check-out Enabled from the list details page (List Actions > List Details).

Big Update for Google Users:

  1. Some users reported a bug with Google Sign-in, we have resolved the issue for both Google Sign-up and Google login.

  2. We have tested the login with multiple test accounts and real ones. Please contact us if you are not able to login via Google Sign-in.

Thanks for using One Tap Check-in as always, we are focused on creating the best customer experience and having the easiest check-in software on the market.

Email us with questions or feedback at and we would love to help you navigate the service.

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