Oftentimes, it's convenient to just create a copy of an existing list rather than upload an excel, because it already has all of the names on it.

Copying a list copies over:

  1. The people on the list.

  2. Check-in method & survey questions (if any exist).

  3. Check-out settings.

  4. (Optional) Check-in information of the people on the list.

Note: Recurring lists cannot be duplicated entirely, when you duplicate a recurring list only the parent (template) list is duplicated as an individual list.

iOS App:

1. From my lists screen, slide left on the list name.

2. Tap the "Details" option.

2. On the List Details page, tap the "Duplicate" option.

3. On the confirmation dialog, type the name of the new list.

4. Your new list is on the my lists page


1. On the home page, you will see your lists.

2. Click the three dots next to your list, click the 'Duplicate' action.

3. You will see a Duplicate List modal.

  • Type the name of the new list (the list created after the copy)

  • Type the date of the new list.

  • Toggle the 'transfer check-in data' checkbox if you want to copy all the check-in data from the source to the new list. E.g. Jill is checked-in on my original list if I want to preserve this information on the copy I will toggle the transfer check-in data check-box on.

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