What do I need?

Short answer - An iPad running iPadOS 14 and above.

Learn more about Hardware/system requirements.

How do I enter Kiosk mode?

Inside the OneTap iPad check-in app, find the icon at the top with the person behind the desk and tap this icon outlined in red below.

Button to enter Kiosk Mode:

What are "Lists" and "Profiles" on the Kiosk?

There are two primary kiosk modes:

  1. Lists Mode

  2. Profiles Mode

This is the first screen you will see when opening the Kiosk:

Lists Mode

This mode will allow everyone to check-in to one list that you set up beforehand. After tapping on the "Lists" section above, you will be able to select a list with the screen below. This mode is perfect for having everyone sign into one location or event.

This screen will be seen after selecting "Lists" mode:

Profiles Mode

This mode will allow each person to pick which list they would like to sign into. They will be able to select their list in the screen shown in the image below. This mode is great for when you offer multiple classes, or want to sub-divide your guests/members into different groups.

This screen will be shown when individuals check-in on "Profiles" mode:

How do I use One Tap's Kiosk for self check-ins?

For each mode, they can check-in using their name or their own QR Code that you can send them (QR Codes will be covered in the section below).

Names will automatically appear when they start to type their name in:

If the profile already exists, then their information will be automatically filled in. If their profile does not already exist then they will be registered and their profile with the information they input will be saved.

How do new registrations work?

If a profile does not exist, or is not on the list, then a profile will be created for them when they tap "Register". If you do not want new registrations then you can change the settings by tapping the gear in the top right, selecting "Customize", and toggling the "Allow new registration" section (as seen in the image below).

How do QR Codes work?

There are a few different ways you can use QR Codes. 

First, send out the QR Codes:

One way to do this is to export all of the QR Codes in a PDF. To do this, on the dashboard go to the profiles tab and select "Actions", then "Export QR Codes" as seen below.

Export all QR Codes:

The next way to send out QR Codes is by sending them directly to each person using their phone number.

To do this, first select a profile, then on the side panel scroll down until you see the QR Code section and the link to "Text the QR Code". Click this and an input field will appear so that you can send each profile their own QR Code to check-in with. Feel free to test this out on your own number to see what your members will see!

Text a QR Code:

Next, Check-In with QR Codes:

The first way to check-in with QR Codes is to enable the QR Code Ticket Scanner by going to the settings gear in the top right of the kiosk, selecting "Customize", then find "Customize Input Boxes", and make sure the "QR Ticket Scanner" is set to visible.

Kiosk Inputs:

Ticket scanner at the bottom left:

How do I customize the Kiosk?

Full customization is allowed on our Intermediate Plan, so first sign up for the Intermediate Plan or you will still see One Tap branding on your Kiosk.

To customize the Kiosk, tap the settings gear (enter pin code if this is set up), and select "Customize". Then you will see the screen in the image below. This can also be found on the One Tap iPhone app inside the settings menu so that you can change the Kiosk from anywhere in the world.

Change the Logo, the background color, the text color, the background effects, the welcome message, and the after check-in message!

How can I keep my Kiosk secure? 

Pin Code

Use a pin code to keep anyone from changing your settings or viewing your guests.

From the Kiosk, tap the settings gear and select "Customize". Scroll down until you see "Kiosk PIN" underneath "Security Settings", then set your 4 digit pin code. Be sure to remember this because it will lock you out!

Don't want everyone to see each others' names? You can easily turn this off in the Kiosk customization settings. Tap the settings gear, select "Customize", then find "Autocomplete Names" and toggle that section off like seen below.

Toggle off autocomplete:

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