Need some help from your teammates?

This article will show you how to add collaborators to your organization. 

Collaborators inherit all admin controls, they can create profiles, lists, check-in, check-out, and export reports.

How to add collaborators

Step 1:

Have your team member (collaborator) create a new OneTap account on our sign-up page (

Step 2:

Login to your dashboard and invite them using the email your team member (collaborator) signed up with. 

You will find the page inside of the dropdown in the top right corner:


If you send an invite to an email that does not have an account, then it will prompt them to create an account. After they create an account, you will have to send another invite to join your organization.

[Screenshot of the collaborators page to invite other users]

Step 3:

Once you have sent the invite, the collaborator will receive a notification to accept the invite in their notification panel.

⚠️ WARNING: the collaborator (account accepting the invite) will lose their account data after accepting the invite. You can only be part of one organization, your account data prior to joining an organization DOES NOT migrate over.

Click "Accept Invite".

That's it!

Once they have accepted the invite, they will be added to your organization/account.

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