This article shows you, the admin, how to share a public self-check-in link that can be used by people on your list to check-in using their own device.



  1. Click on a list, you will be redirected to the list browser page (how to create a list).
  2. Hit the "List Options" → "Check-in Link" (see screenshot below).
  3. A new "Share Check-in Link" modal will pop-up, share the presented link with people on the list.
  4. People will see the page on their mobile or computer device, their name will auto-populate as they type.
  5. The "Check-in" button will check them into your list.


Want to add survey questions and collect responses on check-in?

💡 Sharing a recurring list?

  • Share the parent (original list) that was created, this step will eliminate daily work of sending out a new check-in link for each individual (child) list. People checking in on the public check-in link are automatically added to the most recently created child list from the parent.

Screenshots (Admin):

Screenshots (Public):

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