There are three primary ways to upload Excel files. Uploading 1) when you create a list, 2) inside the profiles tab to be used in any list, and 3) to an existing list.

Preparing for upload

In your Excel file, if you have the headings "First Name", "Last Name", "Email", "Account Number", etc. then all of the information will be uploaded accordingly, and "Account Number" will show up as a custom field for each Profile with an account number.

Check out these upload templates so that you can modify your current excel file to conform to the template:
⬇️ Basic Template
- names only.
⬇️️ Intermediate Template - names & email addresses.
⬇️️ Advanced Template - names, email addresses, & custom fields.

1 - When you create a list from the dashboard (on the second step):

2 - Inside of the Profiles tab:

3 - Inside of a list that has already been created:

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