Pin Code

Use a pin code to keep anyone from changing your settings or viewing your guests.

From the Kiosk, tap the settings gear and select "Customize". Scroll down until you see "Kiosk PIN" underneath "Security Settings", then set your 4 digit pin code. Be sure to remember this because it will lock you out!

Hide Name Search

Don't want everyone to see each others' names? You can easily turn this off in the Kiosk customization settings. Tap the settings gear, select "Customize", then find "Autocomplete Names" and toggle that section off like seen below.

Toggle off autocomplete:

Kiosk Stand

If you want to be certain that no one steals your iPad then buy a Kiosk stand that you can securely fasten at your check-in location so that no one can take your iPad.

Need more advanced security? Contact us through the chat to see if we can help.

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