For each mode, they can check-in using their name or their own QR Code that you can send them (QR Codes will be covered in the section below).

Names will automatically appear when they start to type their name in:

If the profile already exists, then their information will be automatically filled in. If their profile does not already exist then they will be registered and their profile with the information they input will be saved.

How do QR Codes work?

There are a few different ways you can use QR Codes. 

First, send out the QR Codes:

One way to do this is to export all of the QR Codes in a PDF. To do this, on the dashboard go to the profiles tab and select "Actions", then "Export QR Codes" as seen below.

Export all QR Codes:

The next way to send out QR Codes is by sending them directly to each person using their phone number.

To do this, first select a profile, then on the side panel scroll down until you see the QR Code section and the link to "Text the QR Code". Click this and an input field will appear so that you can send each profile their own QR Code to check-in with. Feel free to test this out on your own number to see what your members will see!

Text a QR Code:

Next, Check-In with QR Codes:

The first way to check-in with QR Codes is to enable the QR Code Ticket Scanner by going to the settings gear in the top right of the kiosk, selecting "Customize", then find "Customize Input Boxes", and make sure the "QR Ticket Scanner" is set to visible.

Kiosk Inputs:

Ticket scanner at the bottom left:

Need more info on self check-ins? Chat with us to find out more, or check out this article: All About the Kiosk

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