Lists and Profiles are two different modes that you can run the Kiosk with, and these are good for different kinds of situations.

  1. Lists Mode
  2. Profiles Mode

First screen when opening the Kiosk:

Lists Mode

This mode will allow everyone to check-in to one list that you set up beforehand. After tapping on the "Lists" section above, you will be able to select a list with the screen below. This mode is perfect for having everyone sign into one location or event.

This screen will be seen after selecting "Lists" mode:

Profiles Mode

This mode will allow each person to pick which list they would like to sign into. They will be able to select their list in the screen shown in the image below. This mode is great for when you offer multiple classes, or want to sub-divide your guests/members into different groups.

This screen will be shown when individuals check-in on "Profiles" mode:

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