One Tap Check-in has a duplicate list feature that allows you to create a copy of your list with a different name, date, and other list details.

Here is how it works:

On the iOS app:

1. Click the List Details (i) button on the top right corner.

2. On the List Details page, hit the 'Copy List' button.

3. You will see a confirmation dialog alert, change the name of your new list here.

After you tap on 'Duplicate', our system will create a copy of the list.

3b. You can view the new list on your Lists page (the home page that shows up after the app is launched).

On the Dashboard:

#1. On the home page, you will see your lists.

Click the three dots next to your list.

Click the 'Duplicate' action.

#2. You will see a Duplicate List modal.

  • Enter the name of the new list (the list created after the copy)
  • Enter the date of the new list.
  • Toggle the 'transfer check-in data' checkbox if you want to copy all the check-in data from the source to the new list. E.g. Jill is checked-in on my original list if I want to preserve this information on the copy I will toggle the transfer check-in data check-box on.
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