Download your profile analytics on the OneTap dashboard.

How to request a report:

Request a report under the new Analytics tab.

Step #1 - Navigate to the 'Analytics' tab.

Step #2 - Look for the 'Download Excel' button on the screen.


Request a report by navigating a Profile on your account.

Step #1 - Make sure you are inside of the 'Profiles' tab.

Step #2 - Select a Profile from the list of Profiles.

Don't have any profiles? Hit the 'Create Profile' or 'Bulk Actions > Upload Profiles' to create some.

Step #3 - Scroll down to the 'Attendance' section on the Profile Detail panel.

Profile Detail panel is located on the right side of the screen.

[ Attendance Section ]

Step #4 - You will see a link "Download Everyone's Attendance".

Note: The segment control above the link can be used to change the time span for the report.

  • E.g. If you want to download attendance for the last two weeks set the segment control to "Two Week"
  • E.g. If you want to download attendance for a custom date range, click on the 'Custom Date Range' link, then select the start and end date. After you have selected the date range, click on the 'Download Everyone's Attendance' link to get a report for the selected time span.

View progress & download:

Step #5 - Click on the bell icon (notifications) on the top right corner of the dashboard navigation bar.

  • You will see an expanded notifications drawer with a list of activities.
  • Look for the "Analytics Export" activity. 
  • You will see an activity indicating the report is queued for processing, the report may stay in the 'queued' state until our system is ready to process the report. You will see an activity when start processing your report as well as percentage progress updates until the report is ready. 
  • You will see an activity when the report is ready to be downloaded. Click the 'Download your excel file here' to download.

[Navigation Bar]

[Notifications Drawer]

Report Format:

The export excel file will contain the following columns:

  • name - the name of the profile as seen in the Profile Detail panel.
  • email - the email of the profile as seen in the Profile Detail panel.
  • phone - the phone number of the profile as seen in the Profile Detail panel.
  • notes - the notes under the profile as seen in the Profile Detail panel.
  • checkIns - (i.e. attendance) total number of times this profile has been checked-in on our system (we count this number when you check-in a participant that is linked to a profile). E.g. Mary Beth has been added to 7 lists, she was checked-in on 5 of the 7 lists.
  • checkOuts - the total number of times this profile has been checked-out on our system. This number should be the same as the number of check-ins or less.
  • elapsedTime - The total time elapsed in minutes between each of the participant's check-in and check-out time. This is also known as the total duration. E.g. Mary Beth has been added to 7 lists. She checked-in for 5 minutes before checking out on list 1. 5 minutes on list 2, 5 minutes on list 3. Her total elapsedTime is 15 minutes.
  • lastSeen - the last time stamp that a given profile was checked-in or check-out. 
  • LIST_NAME - Each list will have its own name as a new column. The rows indicate the number of check-ins that took place inside that list. E.g. Mary Beth is on Workshop A, Workshop A (4/1/2019), Workshop B, Workshop C. She is checked in 20 times in total across all lists (total checkIns). The Workshop A column will show the number of times that she checked-in on either Workshop A or the children lists (for recurring lists) under Workshop A like Workshop A (4/1/2019).
  • LIST_NAME timeElapsed - Each list will get a new column and the suffix timeElapsed. This is the same as the column above, except we show the time elapsed between check-in and check-out for a given profile on each list and all of its children lists (for recurring lists).
  • *custom field - Each of the unique custom fields under your profiles will get their own column and respective rows to represent the data. The asterisk before the custom field ensures that the field does not collide (interfere) with a reserved field on our system. E.g. Mary Beth has a custom field: "Gender": "Female". When you export the report, you will see a column called *gender and next to Mary's name the row value will be "Female".

Note Regarding Data Formats:

Understanding our excel data formatting

  • Date format - we prefer to format dates in "M/DD/YYYY HH:MM" format. (e.g. A 3/25/2019 11:25 AM). We find that excel recognizes this format the best.
  • Time duration - all time durations such as elapsedTime and timeElapsed are in minutes. Our users find it easy to apply arithmetic formulas to numbers really easily.
  • Custom Fields - Custom field data is left untouched by our system.

Technical Notes:

  • Typically our system generates a report with 10,000 profiles in under 4 minutes.
  • Your account may take longer depending on how many users request the report at the same time.
  • Please contact us at if your report is stuck in the 'Processing' state.
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