The core features of One Tap Check-in include:

  • Lists
  • Profiles
  • Excel Integration
  • Customizable Kiosk
  • Collaborators
  • Multiple Devices
  • Custom Surveys
  • Analytics
  • Activities


Lists let you keep track of all participants and their data. When you create a list, you can add profiles one at a time or upload an excel file to add profiles to a given list. For example, your list might be called "Fitness 101" which is set to reoccur on Mondays at 10 AM. Set the list to Open Registration and let the Kiosk do the work.


Website Dashboard:


Profiles are great for recurring lists. A Profile can exist on as many lists as possible and keeps track of all of that profile's Activities, Details, Custom Fields, QR Codes, and more. These let you track attendance over time and keep all the important information in one place.

Website Dashboard:


Excel Integration

One Tap Check-in makes it easy to upload & download large and small excel files of participant data. Upload a file of thousands of participants and let One Tap do the work. All the participant's information will be stored securely in our system. Once your check-in process has ended, you can simply download the exported excel file of Analytics which is generated.

Website Dashboard:

Excel Export:

Customizable Kiosk

One Tap users love the Kiosk. You can change everything about it including the background color, the logo, the welcome text, the input fields, the button, and even the QR Code readers! Your members/guests/customers/participants can easily Check-In by typing their name in or scanning their unique QR Code.



Add team members with the website dashboard to collaborate on your lists and increase the flow of important information.

Multiple Devices

Use as many devices as you need and invite collaborators to check-in people and gather data at different entry points - all while syncing together on WiFi.


Activities are logs of what a given profile does or what happens with a profile. Some examples of Activities are: when a Profile is added to a List, when a Profile Checks-In, and when a Profile Checks-Out.

Web Dashboard:


This is where everything comes together and the analytics for your Profiles are. You can see attendance, time-on-location, custom field data, and more! View your information in various ways with the dynamic table by adding/subtracting custom columns.

Custom Surveys

While creating a List with the iOS app, simply select "Survey" and you will be brought to a survey builder. When a user checks-in or checks-out you can give them your custom Survey with the Kiosk. When you have gathered all of your information then it will be available to you on each Profile within that list, and on excel exports.

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