One Tap Check-in allows your participants to check-in using pictures and even facial recognition.

How does it work?

Scenario 1) A profile picture exists for the participant:

  • (upload a photo by tapping on the avatar and select 'Choose a Photo')
  • We will compare the profile picture of the participant with the photo taken at the time of check-in.
  • If the photo matches, we will compare the faces and check-in based on the confidence score (see screenshot below).

Scenario 2) Participant does not have a profile picture.

  • When you check-in a participant, we will capture the image using the camera.
  • We will save the captured image as the Profile's profile picture.
  • Next time you go to check-in the participant, Scenario 1 will apply.


1) Make sure your list has 'picture' as the check-in option.

When creating a new list, you can choose 'Picture' as the check-in method.

2) If you already have an existing list:

  • On the iPad/iPhone: Go into a specific list from the My Lists screen. Hit the (i) info icon on the top right corner of the navigation bar. This will take you to the List Detail page.
  • On the dashboard: Select a list from the My Lists or Home page. 
  • Click the List Actions button then List Details. This will take you to the List Detail page.

3) Scroll down on this page to change the list check-in method:

[iOS - All the supported check-in options]

[Dashboard - All the supported check-in options]

  • Select 'Photo' or 'Picture' as the check-in option.

How can I send over pictures using the API?

Ignore this paragraph unless you have received an API key from One Tap Check-in or have an API plan.

In short - API integration lets you hook up your own custom forms to One Tap Check-in, you can send over images from your custom form into our system.

  • Make sure your API is setup correctly.
  • Include the 'Avatar URL' as part of your API request. 
  • The 'Avatar URL' field should contain the full URL of the image (hosted on any web server, WordPress, CDN, etc). This field can ONLY contain the public link to your image (i.e. if you can open the link using your web browser and see the image display properly)


  1. Click here to see an example image and then copy the link.
  2. Send this link as part of your own API request.
  3. You will see the participant's profile picture on our app.


1) Check-in any participant on the list by tapping the checkbox to the left of their name.

2) You will see a camera box appear.

  • Click on the shutter to take the image.
  • Refer to "How does it work?" section above for what happens next.

Technical notes:

  1. Facial recognition needs good lighting conditions to work, the quality of the image depends on the camera hardware on your phone.
  2. Facial recognition is not perfect - incorrect results are probable.
  3. The term "Profile Photo" and "Profile Avatar" and "Avatar" all refer to "Profile Picture".
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