Need some help from your teammates? This article will show you how to add collaborators to you One Tap account. 

Collaborators can help you do everything with One Tap - checking in and checking out, creating lists, uploading guests, and exporting analytics!

Necessary Steps:

Step 1:

Have your teammate create a One Tap account.

Step 2:

After they have created an account, invite them using the email your teammate signed up with. 

You will find the page inside of the dropdown in the top right corner:

If you send an invite to an email that does not have an account, then it will prompt them to create an account. Then they will need to be sent an invite once they already have an account.

Collaborators page to invite other users:

Step 3:

Once you have sent the invite, your teammate will receive a notification to accept the invite in their notification panel. Have them accept the invite.


Once they have accepted the invite, your teammate will be ready to collaborate on all things One Tap!

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