Format your Excel file with the following column headers:

Be sure that your file includes a "Name" column like above, or both a "First Name" and a "Last Name" column header. If these are not included, then the upload will not work properly.

There are certain column headers that are optional but reserved, like "Email" and "Phone number" because every Profile has a field for this information. This means that if you include these columns in the Excel file, our system will extract this information and automatically add it to the participant's profile.

You can also include other columns. Our system will extract this information and add it as a Participant* & Profile* custom field. Make sure that each column header is unique, otherwise the file might not upload properly.

Example: Add a column named 'Birth Date' and the profile created from the row will include a custom field 'Birth Date' with the value of the row.

Before uploading the Excel file, make sure that all of the important information is on the first sheet of the file. Where possible, avoid storing information in multiple sheets.


Need a template?

  1. Basic Template - names only.
  2. Intermediate Template - names & email addresses.
  3. Advanced Template - names, email addresses, & custom fields.
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